Deal Reached Over South Guelph Apartment Development

  • 09/26/17
  • |          Guelph

A deal has been reached between the City of Guelph and the developer of a proposed apartment building in the city’s south end.

In a Sept. 18 decision posted on the Ontario Municipal Board’s (OMB) website, it was noted that the city and Reid’s Heritage Homes, the developer behind the proposed 101-unit building at Victoria Road South and Clair Road East, have come to an agreement that will see the project move ahead.

In July 2016, when city council first approved the project, conditions were given to Reid’s, including the developer having to pay for road improvements near the site. As a result, a holding symbol was placed on the zoning changes needed to move ahead with construction, meaning the building could only go ahead once those requirements were met.

Darrell Mast, a planning lawyer with the City of Guelph, tells the Mercury Tribune in an emailed statement that, under the agreement through the OMB, that holding symbol has now been lifted.

“The conditions required the developer to enter into agreements with the city securing the required work,” he says.

“These conditions have been fulfilled to the city’s satisfaction through the terms of the settlement agreement, and ensure the required infrastructure will be provided at no cost to the tax base.”

Mast adds that there is no further action required on this property by council.

In late August, the city’s committee of adjustment voted in favour of a lot severance on the property where the apartment building, along with a commercial development, will one day stand. The largest portion, 9,870 square metres facing Victoria, is where the apartment building will sit, while the smaller portion, 3,494 square metres facing Clair, will host the commercial development.

At that meeting, held just two weeks before the teleconference that led to a deal being reached between the city and the developer, Craig Robson, the lawyer representing Reid’s, said a deal between his client and the city was near, adding it was “just a matter of grammar” at that point.

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