With Available Land And Good Services, East London Is Attracting New Subdivisions

  • 01/8/18
  • |          London

A building boom is poised to hit east London.

City politicians will have a look at plans for four subdivisions with more than 500 homes proposed for the eastern part of the city, and that comes on the heels of the city approving more than 200 homes for the area at a planning and environment committee meeting in December.

“There is quite a bit of development finally coming to east London,” said Lou Pompilii, manager of development planning for the city.

Sifton Properties is looking to build two subdivisions, totalling more than 200 homes. One, on eight hectares of land at 1733 Hamilton Rd. and 2046 Commissioners Rd. E. — adjoining properties — proposes 111 single family lots and two medium-density residential blocks, which may see townhouses built.

The other is at 1691 Hamilton Rd. on 5.5 hectares of land on the west side of Hamilton Road, south of the Thames River and north of Commissioners Road. It proposes 73 single-detached lots.

“It is about location. North London is running out of land and costs go up. In this area there is land and good services,” said Richard Sifton, president of Sifton Properties.

The developments are before Monday’s environment and planning committee, asking that “holding provisions” be lifted.

“It is the last check being removed,” said Pompilii, adding construction could begin in spring.

At the same meeting, politicians will get a look at two subdivisions pitched by Drewlo Holdings Inc.

One is at Kilally Road and Highbury Avenue North, on 25 hectares, for 128 single-detached lots, and five medium-density blocks. The other is Drewlo Summerside, for 196 single-detached lots, and two medium-density blocks.

“Growth is happening everywhere, but it has been quiet in the east for a long time. Now we are seeing a lot of activity,” said Pompilii.

There has been tremendous demand for housing across the city and builders have been pushing the city to speed development approval, which is happening, he added.

“Last year was good for development, there was a lot of activity. We have taken steps to work closely with the industry to turn applications around and it has worked. There has been a lot of co-operation. I can see this continuing in 2018,” said Pompilii.

In December, the planning committee approved two more east-end developments. Green Gate Village was approved for a development in the Summerside subdivision, at Bradley and Jackson roads, east of Highbury Avenue and north of Highway 401, for 96 single-family homes and 115 townhouses.

“These developments will be a good shot in the arm for the east end,” said Coun. Michael van Holst, representing east London.

“Every new resident in this area is going to help a commercial sector that has been languishing.”

More housing may also draw those working in the industrial sector, he added.

“Commuting to the industrial parks is often a challenge. The addition of medium-density housing means the ability to buy reasonably priced homes close to work,” said van Holst.

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