197 Housing Units Near Final Approval by Council

  • 03/6/17
  • |          London

There’s a lot of home building slated for west London.

Three major residential developments soon may be under construction in Riverbend and Whitehills, if approved at upcoming city meetings.

“This will certainly add a lot to the housing that is out there,” said Terry Grawey, manager of development services for the city.

“The lots are in demand, in particular for single family right now. This will help satisfy that demand.”

If all goes smoothly Monday at a meeting of the planning and environment committee and then city council, shovels could be in the ground later this year, Grawey said.

The developments are:

  • 36 single-family homes and 21 townhouses at 2120 Kains Rd. by Sifton, another phase to the River­bend golf community.
  • 90 single-family homes, also by Sifton, at 1826 and 1854 Oxford St. west of Commissioners Rd. There also are eight condominium units at 1170 Riverbend Rd.
  • 71 single-family homes at 1931 Jubilee Cres. in the Whitehills are by Drewlo. The property was reserved for a school, but the Thames Valley District school board did not need it, so it’s being returned for housing.

“These are close to final approval,” Grawey said of the housing developments. “This is the final phase of approval.”

Homes could be on the market in 2018, he said.

The developments will offer diversity in the housing stock now dominated by single-family homes, said Coun. Paul Hubert, who represents west London.

“There will be more selection when it comes to housing stock. We will see condos and town­houses and there is a demand for that breadth of housing,” he said.

Ideally, a person should be able to stay in a community throughout their “life cycle” if they want, Hubert said.

“You should not have to leave the community to find the type of housing to suit your needs.”

The planning committee also will hear about a major housing development proposed for northeast London.

A numbered company plans to build 97 single-family homes east of Highbury Avenue and south of Fanshawe Park Road. Three new streets may be created: Aukett Drive, O’Hanlan Crossing and O’Hanlan Lane.

“It is far north but still in the urban growth boundary,” Grawey said.

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